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Broadband services in Pondicherry offered by Cfnet bring you different kinds of internet packages. If you check out the various tariff plans, you can get an idea of which available package fits your need. Broadband Connection Pondicherry by Cfnet stresses more on interactive entertainment as well as content, which include live video streaming, online shopping, video chat communications, multi-player gaming, music and video streaming and geo-location applications.The fiber availability of our Broadband in Pondicherrybecomes gradually more ensuring to the interested customer that their neighborhood is enabled for broadband superfast internet connection.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot market mainly focuses on different Wi-Fi components, services, software solutions and end users that drive this market. The growth of mobile devices like tablets and smart phones has fueled the demand for completely new wireless networking equipment to support enhanced scale, higher capacity and reliability. From services and applications perspective, location, video, voice and context capabilities grow exponentially. The wi-fi hotspot allows the enterprises to handle this massive mobile workforce to have access to core company network, while supporting high data traffic excellently at the same time.

Leased Line

Internet Leased Line is the fastest and latest mode of connection to the internet. Internet has completely changed the communication world. Internet leased line is also considered as the fastest mode of connection to the world of internet. With a great speed connection, there is more that can be done on the internet, which otherwise would not be accomplished by means of a regular broadband connection. This type of connectivity is designed mainly for serving call centers, BPO and corporate. Fibernet Pondicherry is a major player is offering dedicated internet bandwidth services to businesses of any size with maximum uptime and redundancy.

Point-to-Point Connectivity

The globalization of many industries has made efficient communications a crucial element of success for several businesses. To accomplish this, a cost effective, permanent and more reliable connection between main business location, its subsidiaries and branches, customers and suppliers may be more significant. A point to point leased line internet is the most reliable solution for this communication requirement and connectivity that contemporary businesses need. The term leased is used because the service is paid for using a fixed amount for agreed upon service capacity and duration. The fixed points in the private network are linked through dedicates digital circuits that differ in speeds and capacity.

Enterprise Network Services

With wired and wireless telecommunication services now account for the considerable percentages of the average IT budget, the enterprise should make sure it is availing substantial value from investment. By meeting both the service pricing and demand side, Internet Services Pondicherry allows their clients to drive massive savings. In addition, their extensive benchmark database of service requirements, business terms, SLAs and rate element pricing facilitates them to identify and cater to contractual deficiencies in quality, timeliness and service scope. They also support clients across the complete operational, technical and financial scope of wired and wireless telecommunications.
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Public Hotspot

Public hotspot normally targets areas where people come together in large numbers. More registrations, devices and more intricate management of access policies and permissions are leading to more expensive deployments that are not affordable. Internet in Pondicherry by fibernet is modular and flexible, so that the operators can pick whichever commercial models that is most relevant or important for them to engage. Through expertise and innovation, the internet service providers have developed a Wi-Fi service management platform and also a collection of managed services to connect massive users.